Womb yoga

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The philosophies of ancient India hold deep respect for the feminine power of shakti, the feminine energy of the life force, and for the power, spiritual dignity and cosmic connections within every woman which is reflected in the language used to describe the female body. The word yoni, which means womb, vulva and vagina is understood to be the cosmic gateway through which the power of Shakti enters the world through the creative powers of manifestation. The practice of womb yoga brings consciousness into the heart and brings it to the womb through the womb-heart meridian, a pranic link between the energies of the heart and those of the womb. The practices re-establish awareness to your womb or womb-space as the source of sacred potential for love, nurture, generosity and creativity. The practices are suitable for all women throughout their life cycles through ovulation, pre-menstruum, menstruation, women that are seeking to conceive, lactating women, women in post natal recovery, peri-menopausal women and post-menopausal women, creating an empowered encounter with prana shakti, the life force. The practice is a multi-dimensional one interweaving movement, breath, mantra and mudra with a feminine strength and softness.